Whether you define an expert by how many thousands of hours they've worked honing their skill, the amount of years in a particular field, possessing a unique and exceptional ability, or simply by expression of knowledge, expertise and natural inclination, I am a marketing expert.


A valuable contributing factor to the success and perception of a Company’s Corporate Image is its identity. Identity design is based on the visual elements created by a branding expert to build cohesive and appealing sales tools, marketing collateral and tradedress.


You might say that a brand is a company, personified. There are three major facets of a company’s brand: the personality (message), the presentation (the marketing plan and optics), and the logo (the mark that makes a company recognizable).

Logo Development

A logo represents and identifies a company or product immediately, simply, and effectively through the use of a mark. It does not sell the product directly but rather derives its meaning from the quality of the product it symbolizes.


Advertising is an imperative element in a successful marketing strategy. The primary goal, of course, is to get the word out about a product or service in an effective manner to solicit a response from the potential customer. Advertising across many platforms also helps establish Brand Recognition.


Every company and product is unique so there is no one-size -fits-all, boilerplate strategy that will universally work for everyone. Only by digging deep and completely understanding each Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat, can a strategist execute a comprehensive and effective plan.


Companies, large or small, must be deliberate with their message since what gets conveyed is equally as important as to whom it is conveyed. Every choice of word, sentence structure, tense, style and platform are all immensely important in aiding a company's success.

Management & Direction

I have perfected combining technical skills, unbridled creativity, visionary ideas and a thorough understanding of process and production with exceptional emotional intelligence, time management and people skills.

Product Development

A product should always be brought to market utilizing strategic methods and timelines. A full understanding of technical process, product life cycle, funding, and development is required for the success of any product.

Graphic Design

UI Design & Direction

UX Research

Print Production

Content Marketing

Multi-Channel Analytics

Digital & Traditional Marketing

Logos and Brandmarks

Naming, Ideation, Development, Design and Execution. Click to Enlarge

Identity Branding and Collateral

Naming, Ideation, Development, Design and Execution of Digital, Traditional and Large Format Marketing Materials. Click to Enlarge


Ideation, Design and Execution of Digital and Traditional Advertisements. Click to Enlarge

Creative Direction

Since 2004, I have produced just under 100 dual format (online and tangible) publications to-date. As Creative Director and Designer, I handled advertisement, layout, editorial and cover design as well as type setting, print production, pagination and pre-press. Click to Flip.


Ideating and Developing world-class creative ideas and executing them with creativity, effectiveness and strategic principles in mind is my forte. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to lead efforts, either with a team or as an individual consultant, to experiment, develop and bring top-notch, forward-thinking and creative solutions to life and drive business growth and customer acquisition through a multitude of media channels. I believe that achieving exceptional brand awareness, measurable marketing communication initiatives, effective advertising campaigns, cohesive and informational internal communications and intuitive user experience is most successful when logic marries with creativity, strategy with innovation and process with spontaneity. In my opinion, that’s when magic happens.

In my many years in marketing, communications, design and advertising, I have executed ideation and development on many aspects of marketing including branding and identity, internal communications and processes, packaging, messaging, press and media initiatives, multi-media campaigns and strategies that leveraged print, web and social media outlets, and lead in the launch of numerous products and services, created award winning marketing strategies and launch plans, and increased recognition and sales for dozens of companies.

I also have fourteen years of hands-on, expert knowledge and experience in every aspect of the product and deliverable life cycle. From ideation, prototyping/mocking, proofs/proof of concept and product development to go-to-market strategies, presentation/pitch decks, testing and analytics, product launches, advertising initiatives and effectiveness measurement via SEO tracking, Google AdWords & Analytics, and many more. As such, I have garnered extensive expertise within communications, marketing, advertising and design, skills that have earned international recognition and have greatly benefited each of the companies for whom I have worked.

I enjoy steering creative choices in a way that is true to each company's values and the continued success of their products and services utilizing thorough analysis, careful success measurement, goal tracking, and top-notch creative marketing and advertising solutions that effectively and accurately communicate even the most complex ideas in a visually appealing polished way.

I have served as Marketing Manager, Creative Director, Marketing Director and Media Strategist for several companies to strategically rebrand, re-message and re-position their companies. Often, I am called in to structure and train staff, create roadmaps, define processes and outline production schedules so that, upon my completion of work, the remaining employees can move forward with ease. Additionally, I have lead and assisted in the launch of numerous products and services, hundreds of magazines, thousands of advertisements in both print and web, created award winning marketing strategies and launch plans, and increased recognition and sales for dozens of companies.

If you are looking for a freelance designer, a full-time Marketing, Creative or Art Director or just need someone to come in for a sprint, check out my resume and shoot me an email with your information through the contact link below.

Fair pricing, period.


Communications, Marketing & Design Awards