Sheana Firth

Marketing, Branding, Communications & Design

  • Intuitive & Inquisitive
  • Unconventional Visionary
  • Macro to Micro Thinker
  • Austin, TX
  • 512-898-9398

Professional Summary

Ideating and developing world-class creative ideas and executing them with ingenuity, effectiveness and strategic principles in mind is my forte. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to lead efforts, either with a team or as an individual consultant, to experiment, develop and bring top-notch, forward-thinking and creative solutions to life and drive business growth and customer acquisition through a multitude of media channels. I believe that achieving exceptional brand awareness, measurable marketing communication initiatives, effective advertising campaigns, cohesive and informational internal communications and intuitive user experience is most successful when logic marries with creativity, strategy with innovation and process with spontaneity. In my opinion, that’s when magic happens.

I have served as Marketing Manager, Creative Director, Marketing Director and Media / Communications Strategist to strategically brand and position companies large and small in a multitude of fields. I have executed ideation and development on many aspects of design and marketing including branding and identity, messaging, mobile applications, press and digital media initiatives, multi-media campaigns and strategies that leveraged print, web and social media outlets. I have lead the launch of numerous products and services, created award winning marketing strategies and launch plans, and increased recognition and sales for dozens of companies. I enjoy steering creative choices in a way that is true to each company’s values and continued success utilizing thorough analysis, careful success measurement, goal tracking, and top-notch creative marketing and advertising solutions that effectively and accurately communicate even the most complex ideas in a visually appealing polished way.

Work Experience

Principal / Creative Director

Breakaway Graphics, LLC

2009 - Present

Full-scope advertising, marketing, design & communication strategy services including ideation, corporate branding, point-of-sale, packaging, messaging, art/creative direction, product development, testing & launch plans, strategic management, and print/digital production.

• Develop and execute targeted marketing to promote, increase brand awareness, and boost patronage by employing multi-media outlets including strategic ad placement, increased web presence, social media strategies, and events

• Perform SWOT analyses and define strategic plans for marketing, product development, advertising campaigns and product launches

• Ideate, design, execute and define corporate brands, company identity, strategic messaging, tone and voice, internal communications, external sales materials, and customer-facing deliverables

• Lead development and testing of digital applications and platforms and define user interface (UI), presentation and interactivity

• Featured in Photoshop User Magazine 2011

• Chosen as guest writer for

• Recipient of over 25 international awards for marketing, design & communications

Notable On-site, Full-time Contracts

Marketing Manager

DaVincian Healthcare

01/2016 - 09/2016

Responsible for corporate branding, rebranding, messaging and tradedress as well as development and execution of strategic, integrated marketing plans, communications and product launches for multiple healthcare and RCM solutions. Created sales materials for SaaS products and was an effective member of the development team.

• Worked with team to develop, strategize, build and bring to market technological and medical services and solutions

• Managed production of advertising, marketing brochures, sales kits and other promotional materials and strategies

• Conceptualized, designed and executed corporate style guides

• Creative lead, managing UX/UI designers, copywriters, and creative designers to create comprehensive and effective materials

• Designed and built corporate website according to newly established brand standards and messaging

• Worked with team to ideate and prototype prescription adherence solution, winning Amazon’s 2016 Alexa Challenge

• Identified alternative ways to brand and market new and existing technologies

VP of Marketing

Intry, LLC

10/2016 -10/ 2017

Identified a vacuum in the market and, through thorough analysis, established a way to disrupt the talent acquisition technology space. My role was to ideate and strategize the go-to-market plans, the marketing initiatives, define the brand, identity, company name, packaging and user interface. 

• Initiated technology ideation, product development, market strategies, corporate branding and messaging, sales, manufacturing scalability, and funding

• Named and created visual aesthetic of company; secured domains and social media handles

• Ideated and crafted go-to-market strategy, product launch and marketing plan

• Assisted in identifying and nurturing strategic partnerships

• Developed and tested cornerstone initiatives, advertising campaigns and social media calendars

• Defined the messaging, voice, branding and marketing strategies

• Conducted focus groups, analyzed data and determined course of action

• Assisted in technology development, testing, and improvement

Marketing & Communications Director

InsideTrack Almanac

2004 - 2017

Previous Titles: Designer, Production Manager, Creative Director, Art Director

Comprehensive management and execution of a tri-county hospitality publication serving a readership of over 120,000.

• Client relations, print negotiation, pre-press and production

• Editorial, advertisement and production design

• Increased market penetration and brand awareness by implementing an integrated web/print/social brand strategy and securing global recognition in publication design

• Maintained a heavy production schedule against tight deadlines by remaining tenacious, effective, and resilient under pressure

• Invented new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing messages leaning on a thorough understanding of design and smart copy writing, and utilizing fresh approaches to advertising

• Accountable for online content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engage readers and create a niche in the marketplace

• Created and managed editorial calendar and organization workflows

• Developed editorial governance so content was consistent with the publication’s voice, style, and tone

• Established, designed and managed the corporate branding for the organization

Creative Director

Come Discover Love

2012 - 2017

An an award-winning magazine covering the wedding industry produced for the tourism division of the Indian River Chamber of Commerce.

• Conceptualized, designed & produced the magazine and all related marketing materials including a nationwide advertising campaign

• Expert development of branding, advertisement design, creative & art direction, media kits, sell sheets, e-blasts, client ads, web images photo selection and layout

• Responsible for content and cross-platform application

• Utilized best practices of the publishing industry to skillfully design for both print and digital, interactive versions of the publication

• Worked closely with outside, advertiser-hired designers and agencies to assist in the creation of effective ads that upheld the high standards and visual appeal of the publication

• Featured in Brides Magazine and The Knot

• Personally received nine international awards for my work related to this publication including its design, execution and marketing initiatives


Graphic Design
Ability to Execute
Advertising (Print & Digital)
Copy Writing
Product Development
UI Design
Product Development
Product Launches / Launch Plans
Strategic Merchandising
Analytics & Metrics
Corporate & Strategic Branding
Driving Brand Awareness / Growth
Campaign Development
Go-To-Market Strategy
Project Management
Social Media Marketing
Product Packaging


Identifying Trends

Connecting the Dots

Strong Organizational Skills

Strong Analytical Skills

Acute Attention to Detail

Strategic Partnerships

Analyzing Trends


Creative Execution

Identify Business Opportunities

Expert in Design Principals

Ability to Execute


Adobe CS / CC
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Word Press
Microsoft Word
Quark Xpress
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office Suite


High Standard for Excellence

Strategic Thinker

Results Driven



Deadline Driven

Team Player


Detail Oriented



Service Minded





High Energy





Sense of Urgency


Problem Solver

Creative & Marketing Awards


Bachelor's of Science

Florida State University

1999 - 2003

• School of Social Sciences

• University Sponsored Athlete

• Full Academic Scholarship

• Major: Sociology

• 2nd Major: Psychology


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